Entries are now closed for 2016

If you were thinking about entering the awards in 2016, unfrotunately its too late to get an entry in as entries closed on Monday 27 June. Now is a great time to think about entering in 2017 – so make sure you register at the bottom of this page to receive updates on when entries open next year. Entering the awards is easy and a great chance to get your sustainability story down and think about the rewarding work you’ve done. Finalists and winners have their status promoted to customers, media, local community and throughout Victoria. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be recognised for your efforts and celebrate your commitment to sustainability. You don’t have to be nominated to enter the awards. Entering is as simple as deciding that you have a project or initiative that you want to share and submit an entry.


How to enter in 2017

1. Review the award categories and criteria and terms and conditions

2. Decide which category or categories your project or initiative best suits. Only one entry is accepted per category, however you can enter more than one category

3. Start your online entry and submit by the entries close date. The 2017 entries open and close dates are yet to be confimred. There is no fee to enter.


Entry information

– Once you start your online entry you can make as many edits as you need, your entry will be saved and can be submitted at any time before entries close

– The entry deadline is final and there will be no extensions provided

– Make sure that your entry complies with the category eligibility requirements and the majority of activities were undertaken in Victoria in 2016

– You are eligible to enter more than one category, as long as the work submitted meets the criteria

– Your entry is confidential and secure

– You understand and agree with the Premier’s Sustainability Awards Terms and Conditions of entry.

Your entry

As part of the entry process you will be required to respond to five criteria. There are lots of helpful hints and examples to assist you with responding to each criteria. You can attach supporting documentation such as graphs or media coverage, as well as photos or videos to support your response. You will be judged on your responses and the supporting documentation. The five criteria are:

  1. Background, driving forces and the commitment to the successful application of sustainability principles
  2. Achievements and results
  3. Contribution to a more sustainable future
  4. Innovative practices, technologies or standards developed or utilised; and
  5. Partnerships formed and utilised and stakeholders engaged in achieving your results.



If you have any questions regarding the entry process, please contact us and we can work through them with you

Vany: (03) 9668 5588 or Kara: (03) 6998 5624 or email

Ensure you register at the bottom of this page to receive updates on key information.


Information sessions

Information sessions run during the entries open phase to provide guidance on how to submit a compelling and informative entry. The sessions offer a comprehensive insight into category eligibility, how to write a competitive entry, entry process and benefits of entering. You can attend a session in person at Sustainability Victoria or listen online.