Environmental Protection

Leadership and excellence by an organisation, community group or individual to proactively prevent harm to Victoria’s environment and people from pollution or waste.

2018 Finalists

Extreme Dents – Eso-friendly Automotive RepairPOD

An innovative vehicle damage repair centre pioneered by automotive repairer Extreme Dents filters ozone forming Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ensuring zero emissions. more

Yume Food – Build a Marketplace Exclusively for Surplus Food to Reduce Food Waste

Yume solves the problem for suppliers who often have surplus food due to cancelled orders or lack of storage space, by allowing them to list surplus food products on the Yume platform to reach a large and growing network of potential buyers. more

Zoos Victoria, Phillip Island Nature Parks – When Balloons Fly

When Balloons Fly is a campaign that tackles plastic pollution which poses a serious threat to marine biodiversity. more


Eligible entries:

Projects that have contributed to the prevention of harm to the environment and human health in Victoria from pollution or waste. Outcomes can include initiatives that prevent harm through:

– Specially developed technology and/or equipment

– Changes in practices and processes

– Education programs, resources or activities that have informed the community and/or businesses and helped people be active participants in protecting their environments.


Eligible entries include projects and initiatives that have been undertaken by:

– Large business

– Small to medium enterprises (SMEs)

– Government

– Community groups

– Individuals

These projects and initiatives may have been undertaken by businesses that the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) regulates.


Entry requirements:

– Entry needs to comply with the eligibility requirements for the selected category, as per above

– The majority of demonstrable results must have occurred during the calendar year of 2017

– If started prior to 2017, major new initiatives or significant differences must have occurred during 2017

– The demonstrable activities and results associated with the entry must be within Victoria.


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