Market Forces

Super Switch

More than $1 trillion sits in managed superannuation funds, invested on behalf of millions of Australians. Yet many super funds don’t disclose to members where their money is invested.

Market Forces believes that institutions should invest with respect for the environment, using our funds to deliver solutions to major environmental issues, and that the community can make sure the custodians of their money use it to benefit the environment.

Super Switch was created to provide information to super fund members and be a platform for action and change. Super Switch is a database and website that tracks the fossil fuel investments of superannuation products and companies. It allows members of the public to look up their fund and find out if their money is invested in fossil fuels. If a fund does so, customers can contact them via Super Switch and ask them to divest of coal, oil and gas companies and/or fully disclose where their money is invested, calling for environmentally positive investments to be made.

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