Small and Medium Enterprises

Outstanding achievements by small and medium enterprises in the implementation of sustainability initiatives.

2018 Finalists

Extreme Dents – Eco-friendly Automotive RepairPOD

An innovative vehicle damage repair centre pioneered by repairer business Extreme Dents filters ozone forming Volatile Organic Compounds that contribute to ozone formation, ensuring zero emissions. more

Revolution Apps – Compost Revolution

Compost Revolution is an online community education and logistics platform designed to scale household organics recovery. more

Yume Food – Build a Marketplace Exclusively for Surplus Food to Reduce Food Waste

Yume’s mission is to create a world without waste by facilitating the sale and donation of quality surplus food that may have otherwise been discarded. more


Eligible entries:

Enterprises that have achieved sustainability outcomes through initiatives relating to their business operations and/or service delivery.  Initiatives should integrate consideration of environmental, social and economic impacts.

Eligible entries include initiatives that have been undertaken by:

– Businesses and social enterprises employing less than 200 employees (this number includes both full and part time employees).


Entry requirements:

– Entry needs to comply with the eligibility requirements for the selected category, as per above

– The majority of demonstrable results must have occurred during the calendar year of 2017

– If started prior to 2017, major new initiatives or significant differences must have occurred during 2017

– The demonstrable activities and results associated with the entry must be within Victoria.