Vinyl Council of Australia

From Local to Global: PVC Recycling Program

Across Victoria, it is estimated that 330 tonnes of recyclable high quality medical grade PVC goes from hospitals to landfill or clinical waste at a direct annual cost of $96,000 to the health system. This is replicated across Australia and globally.

In response to this longstanding issue, the Vinyl Council of Australia has worked with a team of partners to support recycling and sustainability in Victorian hospitals, and to recover material for reprocessing and manufacture of quality mats and hose products in Australia

In 2015, they recovered high quality product for reprocessing and manufacture in Australia representing approximately 120,000 tonnes of product and a saving of 18 per cent in greenhouse gas emissions. The program also saves around $17,000 per year,

The program currently includes 34 Victorian hospitals, plus 26 across other Australian states and New Zealand, with hospital recycling trials now underway in the UK, Canada, South Africa and Thailand.

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