Leadership and excellence by all levels of government in delivering outstanding sustainability outcomes through policies or initiatives.

Eligible entries

Programs or initiatives with environmental sustainability benefits. Entrants may include:

  • Local governments
  • Victorian state government departments, agencies and authorities
  • Federal government departments, agencies and authorities who are Victorian based or where projects and initiatives are specifically undertaken in Victoria.

Entry requirements

  • Entry needs to comply with the eligibility requirements for the selected category, as per above
  • The majority of demonstrable results must have occurred during the calendar year of 2019. If started prior to 2019, major new initiatives or significant differences must have occurred during 2019
  • The demonstrable activities and results associated with the entry must be within Victoria
  • Entry into more than one category requires each entry to be tailored to the specific eligibility and entry requirements for relevant category
  • Agree to the Premier’s Sustainability Awards Terms and Conditions
  • The entry deadline – 5pm, Monday 20 July – is final; there will be no extensions provided
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