3000 acres

Improving Access to Healthy Food and Building Community

Within the city of Melbourne there is such a vast amount of underutilised space, ranging from tiny verges on street corners, to vacant car parks, to large scale empty lots awaiting development.

Through an innovative collaboration with town planners, lawyers, residential developers and web-based developers, ‘3000acres’ has created a platform to connect people in urban environments who want to grow their own food with those who hold the land and resources to make it happen.

3000acres has built a network, including more than 5000 community members, facilitated the establishment of 17 new urban food growing projects and runs regular workshops.

Central to their project is an interactive map of existing and potential places to grow food across the city of Melbourne.

People are able to get in touch with others and can access a practical toolkit of information and resources to get started – from handling lease agreements, liaising with council and public liability insurance, through to practical instructions such as building a wicking bed and establishing management plans.

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