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Box Hill Institute CLT Timber

At Box Hill Institute, the 2016 final year project for building design students provided an exciting opportunity to explore the emerging sustainable construction technology of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Students were set the task to design and document a sustainable mixed-use, predominantly residential building using CLT construction in the rapidly growing area of Box Hill.

CLT is like giant plywood with the panels used as load-bearing walls and floor slabs. Multiple layers of wood with their grains at right angles are glued together under extreme pressure to form giant wall, ceiling and floor panels.

To ensure they had all the relevant information and feedback to correctly design and create working drawings, expert industry support was provided. Guest lectures and tutorials were held throughout the project to ensure that students and teachers understood construction and regulatory requirements.

The project has helped to lead the introduction of CLT to the Victorian building industry by educating the designers and builders of tomorrow.

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