Environmental Monitoring Solutions


The management of fuel stocking, storing, monitoring, and reporting can be complicated and time consuming work. Poor fuel management can cause a multitude of problems for a company, the community and the environment.

A Fuelsuite system gives clients access to reliable, secure, and real-time data from their tanks around the country – anytime, and anywhere.

With 30 second updates, clients transition from the transactional reactive to a transformative predictive business model, where they can see issues on the horizon before they become problems that impact operations.

An unnoticed fuel leak is one of the worst-case scenarios a petrol station can encounter. Even with low contamination, leaking fuel can be disastrous to both an organisation’s reputation and the environment.

Fuelsuite’s access to Automatic Tank Gauges and pump data means that if an incident occurs, clients have complete visibility and know exactly which tank is leaking. The real-time data allows them to act immediately, minimising any business, community or environmental damage a leak can cause.

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