Epworth Hospital Richmond

Perioperative Services Going Green and Diverting Waste from Landfill

Epworth Richmond Perioperative Services look after patients before, during and after a surgical operation.

Twenty-eight operating theatres with an average of 150 surgical patients every day require a significant amount of equipment, including the use and disposal of consumable items.

In 2016, a broad consolidation of waste management systems was implemented that diverted an estimated 12 tonnes of waste from landfill. Initiatives ensure that, where possible, staff reduce use of materials, reuse and recycle them.

Central to these results was a cultural change amongst staff and stakeholders that has embedded correct waste segregation and recycling practices, reinvigorating attention to sustainability.

The unit won support from internal groups such as cleaning services, medical and nursing personnel, departmental technicians and management. Externally, waste collection services, waste recycling companies and suppliers were engaged.

Epworth Richmond is also the first hospital in Australia to recycle both aluminium and PVC hospital products. Epworth’s nine hospitals across Victoria are expected to recycle about 3000 aluminium canisters and 80 cubic metres of PVC products each year.


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