Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Grand Hyatt Melbourne

With kitchens that cater for over 775,000 diners per annum, the Grand Hyatt Melbourne was a large producer of food waste which would generally end up in landfill.

In response, it is now the first five-star hotel in Victoria to install a Closed Loop Organics Unit.

This innovative technology processes food waste onsite, using naturally occurring microbes, heat, oxygen and agitation to reduce food waste by up to 90 per cent in 24 hours and creating a nutrient rich soil conditioner, used to fertilise grounds and the hotel’s rooftop garden.

In its eight months of operating in 2016, over 39,000kg of food waste was processed on site producing almost 14,000kg of compost and will annually avoid 49.72 tonnes CO2 –e net emissions. Removing food waste from the general waste stream has also had a series of beneficial flow on effects through reduced volumes.

The food waste recycling initiative has had a great influence internally and within the Hyatt group.

As an industry leader, Grand Hyatt Melbourne also conducts site tours and information sessions for members of the hospitality industry.


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