Municipal Association of Victoria on behalf of CASBE

Local Leadership Driving Sustainability in Planning

The Council Alliance for Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE) represents a group of municipal councils dedicated to addressing the broad issues of Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) – a keystone principle in Victoria’s planning system – to achieve more sustainable built form outcomes within and beyond their municipalities.

Through a sustained, coordinated and consistent program, known as Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process, CASBE councils encourage good design in their development applications.

CASBE councils have initiated and achieved significant sustainability projects, including the Local ESD Planning Policies and the innovative Built Environment Sustainability Assessment (BESS) tool which includes common guidelines, benchmarks and metrics.

These projects centered on the requirement for a participatory approach, the need for holistic sustainability outcomes for all building types, and applying leading edge sustainability principles to the planning process.

CASBE’s broader vision is to enable all Victorian councils to effectively influence built form outcomes, and continue to raise the bar as we collectively move towards a carbon zero society.

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