Soap Aid Ltd

Hotel to Hands Soap Recycling Program

Every year, hotels around the world send millions of bars of partially used or discarded soap into overflowing landfill.

At the other end of the scale, research shows handwashing with soap is a simple, effective behaviour that can save lives. Hygiene-related illnesses diarrhoea and pneumonia are largely preventable.

Soap Aid developed a unique Hotel to Hands program and, through its partnership with Rotary collects, sorts, cleans and reprocesses discarded hotel soap and produces fresh, hygienic bars of soap for re-distribution to poor communities around the world.

Soap Aid is the only not-for-profit in Australia and New Zealand undertaking these humanitarian environmental efforts by partnering with 500 hotels, producing more than 600,000 recycled bars of soap for disadvantaged overseas communities in Cambodia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Uganda, PNG, Somalia, Vanuatu and South Africa, and to Aboriginal communities in Australia.

In 2016, Soap Aid sent 50,000 soap bars to Fiji to support relief efforts after Tropical Cyclone Winston.

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