St Louis de Montforts Primary School

Steps to Sustainability Conference

The Steps to Sustainability Conference educates the community about best sustainable and environmental practices. The event immerses participants in best practices demonstrated by schools, early learning centres and sustainability providers.

It provides opportunities for the public to see what is happening in our sustainable schools, and reinvigorates teachers and environmental advocates across all sectors to not only deepen their understanding of best sustainable practices, but to be inspired by sustainable warriors and educators who are making a real difference.

Educators provide current, insightful information, as well as hands on opportunities for student to learn about sustainability and state-of-the-art environments where students can get back into nature and learn by doing.

At the forefront of their field, educators inspire participants so they can take information and motivate their own communities, as well as supporting schools and members of the community to embed sustainable education by providing sessions related to the Victorian Government’s ResourceSmart Schools framework.

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Premier's Sustainability Awards

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