TIC Mattress Recycling

Putting Mattress Recycling to Bed

Each year over one million mattresses go to landfill in Australia – less than 35 per cent of them are recycled, so around 800,000 end up in landfill or are illegally dumped.

Mattresses are a real problem in landfill. The total of dumped mattresses takes up 600,000 cubic metres of space. And because they don’t compact well, it’s difficult to stabilise landfill.

TIC Mattress Recycling has invested in leading edge technology to deconstruct mattresses for recycling. Their new facility aims to recover more than 85 per cent of mattresses processed and, with the capacity to recycle up to 450,000 mattresses a year, it’s making a major dent in the mattress mountain.

By systematically de-manufacturing mattresses, each component can be properly separated so that it can be re-used in other products, and further reduces the volumes of waste being sent to landfill.

Their new automated facility eliminates intense manual handling, manages dust and other waste extractions whilst ensuring the recycling of mattresses is done safely and effectively.

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