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2014 Winner - Innovative Products or Services

Fieldtech Solutions Pty Ltd

The overuse of plastic is a serious problem, with many products being used once and then going to landfill. The Fieldtech Solutions philosophy is to not leave the plastic products used by this generation for future generations.

Fieldtech Solutions (FTS) is a manufacturer and supplier of biodegradable and recycled plastic products. Specialising in the contaminated land industry, FTS replaces imported non sustainable plastic products with its own manufactured, sustainable products. For short life disposable plastic items, biodegradable versions are produced and for long life items, the items are made from recycled plastic. The biodegradable products made by FTS will be gone in a few years when disposed to landfill, whilst non-biodegradable plastics will last many 100s of years.

FTS now manufactures in Australia and overseas and most of its one-off-use consumable items use biodegradable plastics that will biodegrade in a landfill. Products made by FTS will biodegrade 95 per cent faster than traditional plastic items.