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2014 Winner - Premier's Regional Recognition Award

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd

PolyCom Stabilising Aid – collaboration with local government to achieve sustainable roads

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an Australian-made road stabiliser used for construction and maintenance of sealed and unsealed roads, road shoulders, airstrips and other pavements. It is distributed in Victoria by Earthco Projects Pty Ltd.

A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional soil stabilisation, PolyCom creates a stronger, longer lasting pavement and offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and maintenance expenses.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is listed in ECO-Buy’s green purchasing directory, ECO-Find. It is environmentally inert and does not leach into soil or leave residue in water run-off.

Earthco Projects’ commitment extends to partnership with Swinburne University to research PolyCom’s performance; onsite project support for works officers and engineers; sponsorship of a Municipal Works Officers Association skills enhancements program for municipal workers; and collaboration with stakeholders to review reporting practices, sustainability data and assist with process changes.