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2015 Winner - Environmental Protection

Robert Bosch Australia

Reclamation of Copper from Prescribed Industrial Wastewater

Robert Bosch Australia is part of a global group of companies which researches, develops and markets a range of technology products and services. The company believes that the protection of the environment is of absolute importance in all aspects of their business and that sound health, safety and environmental performance contributes to its competitive strength, customer benefit and the wider community.

As part of their regular performance review, Robert Bosch has identified a sustainability opportunity in their waste treatment processes at their Clayton Trade Waste Treatment Plant site. The reclamation of copper project is an in-house treatment process which enables Robert Bosch in Victoria to reclaim dissolved copper from its manufacturing wastewater. The reclaimed copper is recycled and the treated wastewater is used onsite as a pH correcting reagent.

The project aims to eliminate 40 tonnes of manufacturing waste going to hazardous waste landfill and reclaim 1.2 tonnes of high grade solid copper per annum from the wastewater. The treatment process developed in this project can be applied to other manufacturing wastes containing metals. This will enable manufacturing industries to reduce their hazardous wastes and reclaim valuable metals, generating income for business.

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