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2015 Winner - Government

Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group and Moira Shire Council

Overcoming barriers to effective household kerbside garden and Food Organics Recovery

Organic waste, including large amounts of food waste is the single largest type of waste in the household garbage bin in the Goulburn Valley, the biggest generator of methane in landfill and if not disposed correctly, can lead to high rates of contamination. One of the challenges of recovering food waste from households is the provision of appropriate infrastructure and education programs.

Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group and councils (Wodonga, Indigo, Shepparton, Strathbogie and Mitchell Shire) have been working together for over six years to develop a business case to introduce a combined garden and food kerbside waste collection service to households in the region.

Moira Shire Council, the first to introduce the service in December 2014, has succeeded in diverting over 3,000 tonnes of organics that had been previously sent to landfill, reducing garbage by over 40 per cent and demonstrated that under 1 per cent of contamination is achievable with careful planning, comprehensive education and engagement to win community support. The recycled organics products are used by council and businesses in the region, closing the loop for food and garden organic waste.

The Moira Shire and Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group are on the way to achieving their goal of providing 35,000 households with the kerbside service. The project provides an integrated and well-researched model for replication by other regions and is redefining what success looks like in kerbside organics waste services.

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