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2015 Winner - Premier's Regional Recognition Award

Barwon Health Food Services Central Production Unit

Recycling Initiatives

Formed in 1998, Barwon Health is Victoria’s largest regional health service with more than 6,000 staff working across 21 sites, Barwon Health’s Food Services Central Production Unit (CPU) produces in excess of 3,000 meals per day for patients, residents and clients in hospitals, respite and rehabilitation centres and aged care facilities. The CPU, employs 150 staff, including cafeteria staff, food production staff, drivers, and food service assistants, is the hub of food production across Barwon Health where all meals are produced and dispatched.

The CPU is committed to waste reduction and recycling and is the first Victorian health service to successfully implement the Closed Loop Organics System CLO300, an onsite composting machine for food waste. With a growing and ageing population, and increased demand on health services at Barwon Health, the Food Services CPU is continually developing new and innovative strategies to increase high quality output alongside a goal to reducing waste.

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