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2016 Winner - Innovative Products or Services


Building a Global Standard for Sustainable Retail

Return rates of consumer goods – generally electrical products such as laptop computers, smart phones and televisions are increasing at an alarming rate, largely due to items perceived as faulty, but actually being in perfect working order. Solvup is a cloud-based technology used by retail stores and call centres that improves sustainability outcomes as products that are able to be fixed are given an extended lifecycle, instead of being discarded and replaced, resulting in excessive landfill.

An industry-wide platform and drawing on a global network of vendors and repairers, the program assists the handling of apparently faulty goods through retail stores, online or over the phone. In 2015, Solvup facilitated 711,673 cases that were either solved with troubleshooting, repair or return/exchange. 120,000 products were repaired with estimated carbon savings of 1,008 tonnes, by extending useful life-cycles. Solvup collects, analyses and shares the data it collects to drive real industry-wide change.


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