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2016 Winner - Large Business

Crown Melbourne

Crown Earth

Crown Melbourne’s Crown Earth program combines policy, strategy, plans, actions, and outcomes that drive commitment to the environment across operations, from choosing suppliers to emptying rubbish bins.

Crown Earth reduces the business’ environmental footprint by focussing on energy efficiency, water conservation, materials and life-cycle management; demonstrates leadership in sustainable business practices in the gaming industry and makes environmentally-sensitive decisions and actions part of everyday business.

They have developed frameworks, policies, committees and reporting mechanisms so that managers and staff are supported in the implementation of sustainability measures right across the business.

They have invested significantly in educating staff, so they are aware of environmental objectives and understand how they can contribute. As examples, their online training modules make use of behaviour change concepts, competitions and financial incentives reward teams and individuals who excel, and regular communications help staff stay informed and conscious of how their actions affect the environment.

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