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2017 Winner - Government

Moreland City Council

Moreland Urban Heat Island Effect Action Plan

As a Victorian first, Moreland has led the way in addressing the critical issue of urban heat.

The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHIE) Action Plan 2016–2026 sets a clear approach for Moreland City Council and maps out vital projects required to transition to a cooler, greener and more liveable city.

The Plan will benefit Moreland in a number of ways, including increasing the community’s resilience to climate change, creating health, environmental and economic benefits, and improving the overall liveability of Moreland.

The Plan brings together all of the work already happening across the city to minimise urban heat and introduces new projects and programs to improve council projects which contribute towards cooling the city, as well as providing support to encourage their community.

Innovative projects are already being delivered to reduce and respond to urban heat including the Cooling Communities program which is exploring ways to reduce heat vulnerability of social housing tenants, and development of the draft Moreland Urban Forest Strategy 2017–2027.

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