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2017 Winner - Small and Medium Enterprise

Kingfield Galvanizing

Sustainable Hot Dip Galvanizer

For over 30 years Kingfield Galvanizing has galvanized steel components for engineering, construction and infrastructure projects.

Galvanizing applies a protective zinc coating to steel components to prevent corrosion. The process reduces maintenance requirements and the life cycle cost of an asset, delivering long-life, sustainable and predictable performance for steel in exposed installations or marine environments.

Kingfield Galvanizing has capacity to produce over 30,000 tonnes of product per annum through an automated materials handling system that delivers more consistency and, therefore, reduced consumption of chemicals and waste production.

The company recently invested in a $20 million in developing a state-of-the-art hot dip galvanizing manufacturing facility with some of the lowest emissions of any similar plant in the southern hemisphere.

Their new fully enclosed pre-treatment, drying and hot dip galvanizing facilities prevent emissions from entering the atmosphere. Waste created from the galvanizing process is recycled and re-used, heat from the furnace is reclaimed, water is recycled within the plant and energy consumption per tonne is reduced.

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