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2018 Winner - Community

Kelly Mrocki

The Girl Who Saved the Frogs Incursion

The Girl Who Saved The Frogs is an incursion for Early Childhood Education Services, run by early childhood co-educator, author and illustrator Kelly Mrocki.

In the incursions, Kelly facilitates hands-on experiences such as sorting waste, cleaning water, making homemade cleaning sprays and planting seeds, and reads from her books The Girl Who Saved The Frogs, and The Boy Who Saved The Whale that encourage children to look after all creatures on the earth. Students also learn about endangered animals and the risk of them becoming extinct.

Kelly introduces students to the issues of logging, pollution and plastic usage, and the effects on the lives of animals. Centres are given a resource sheet with environmental tips and contacts, a seedling for their vegetable garden, a broad bean seed to take care of and watch sprout, some vinegar cleaning spray, and a copy of one of Kelly’s books for their library.

This program empowers children to take the messages they learn and embed them in their daily lives. Children love to take action and be part of something bigger than themselves, and when they get the opportunity to take charge of an initiative, they thrive. This will only result in a much healthier future for all.

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