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2018 Winner - Health

Beaconsfield Dental

Beaconsfield Dental Health

Beaconsfield Dental is a mixed dental practice that is as passionate about sustainability as it is about providing the best care for their patients. In 2017, they added 66 new solar panels to the existing 60 – now 126 solar panels that have generated over 80 megawatts of power in just over four years, with attendant savings in electricity costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Water tanks have 17,000 litre capacity and supply the indigenous garden and toilet flush, saving over 40,000 litres of water per year. Four compost bins provide major recycling capabilities of staff food scraps, garden material and shredded paper.

Patients are encouraged to bring in their old toothbrushes, empty toothpaste and floss containers that are then taken away and recycled by Colgate. Environmentally-friendly product use is extensive – a dental supply company Bio Protect provides cost effective, biodegradable materials.

Around the building, energy efficient LED lighting and appliances are used extensively, and amenities include full insulation, double glazing and solar hot water. A Tesla charger provides the convenience of electric car charging for patients. Beaconsfield Dental proudly cares for its patients, its community and its environment.

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