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2019 Winner - Community


Hepburn Z-NET

The Hepburn Shire, home of Hepburn Wind and Australia’s first zero-net energy town, Daylesford, has a bold plan to be the first zero-net energy shire in the country and to reach zero-net emissions in 10 years.

Led by Renew, a not-for-profit in sustainability for over 35 years, the Shire has developed a best practice model to reach their goal, addressing the need for models of just and inclusive energy transition in rural communities, and by ensuring that project outcomes are available to others.

The pilot was developed to act as an incubator for locally appropriate best practice actions and strategies.

As Victoria’s first Z-NET pilot, its aim was twofold. Firstly, to provide an expanded blueprint for how rural communities could satisfy 100% of their energy needs, 100% of the time from renewable energy sources.

And secondly, to create a holistic master-plan – The Community Transition Plan – to achieve the transition to 100% renewable energy and, ultimately, zero net emissions.

The project is the most in-depth, place-based, carbon emissions profile created in Australia and is the first local government area Community Transition Plan for Zero-Net Energy and Zero-Net Emissions.

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