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2019 Winner - Education

River Nile School

Sustainability across VCAL Curriculum

The River Nile School in North Melbourne offers full time programs delivering the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) curriculum to re-engage refugee and asylum seeker school-aged young women, aged 15 to 22, who may have experienced disrupted schooling, are newly arrived to Australia, or find a flexible learning environment most suitable.

Many of the students had never come across the concepts of sustainability, climate change and recycling. So, in 2018 sustainability was embedded across the integrated VCAL curriculum.

Students learnt about sustainability in depth, culminating in two student-led projects.

In Semester 1, students planned, prepared and ran a Sustainability Expo, teaching a wide range of visitors about sustainability practices including how to make your own natural beauty products, how to compost and how to reduce waste by making vegetable stock.

In Semester 2, students, planned, prepared and ran a Sustainability Market where they made products from old, reused and recycled materials to sell. As examples, they made their own wheat bags, head scarves and reusable bags using old material offcuts. The money raised was donated to CERES.

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