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Downer, in partnership with Close the Loop and RED Group, has created an asphalt pavement material that incorporates non-traditional repurposed materials to reduce environmental impact without compromising product performance.

Recognising that traditional oil-derived bitumen represents more than 50% of the products’ CO2-e impact, Downer and its recycling partners worked closely to develop a solution where more sustainable, waste-derived materials are used in place of the bitumen.

Reconophalt is the result of a partnership between Downer’s Research & Development laboratory, Close the Loop and RED Group, and draws on the knowledge of each to provide a wholly sustainable solution.

RED Group is able to provide the raw soft plastics via their REDcycle initiative at major supermarkets, where people deposit plastic bags for recycling. This plastic is then passed through Close the Loop who process it along with used printer cartridges into homogenous pellets.

Once combined to achieve the desired properties, the plastic/toner additive can be incorporated into the traditional asphalt production process along with recycled glass to create Reconophalt.

Significantly, the new asphalt mix remains perpetually recyclable.

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